Claim Rewards

Enjoy weekly passive income and daily prizes.
The new and improved Claim Rewards dApp provides users with a central hub to view all of their personal stats as well as an overview of the platform. Claim Rewards allows users to see information such as previous game choices, NFTs owned and dividends generated over time.
All MoneyTree processes run 100% on the blockchain, this provides increased confidence for investors and is in the true spirit of decentralisation. Users who feel comfortable can connect their wallets directly to our website to play games or claim their prizes from the Claim Rewards page.
Some Games such as Numberdome and the lottery automatically award tokens and BUSD respectively if you're the lucky winner - these will be automatically deposited into your wallet. However, these games also award NFTs which will need to be claimed from The Claim Rewards panel. Gridlock and Versus mode token payouts will need to be claimed from Claim Rewards.
If you decide to leave the lootbox page or are accidentally disconnected after purchasing your NFTs, the unclaimed lootboxes can be minted in the Claim Rewards page.
Prizes and dividends will never expire, you can come back after months / years and they will be waiting for you to claim them.
We understand, that some users are uncomfortable connecting their wallet to websites. In this case we recommend interacting with MoneyTree through
All functions, games and claims can be done through, this is one of the many advantages to having everything run and stored on the blockchain.