Bid on the grid.
Gridlock is a statistically fair game of chance that works in a similar way to roulette, but without the 0!
Removing the 0 eliminates the house edge. The MoneyTree team does not make any profit from any gameFi dApps. Tokens bet are burned and prizes won are minted. Gridlock does not affect the overall supply as the fair nature means that it always balances out mathematically.
You can choose how many money tokens to place within the grid. Tokens can be placed along, rows, columns or in between numbers. Your placed bets can be seen on the gridlock dapp by pressing "Check Bets."
The gridlock winning number is revealed once a day. Winners will receive 12x the amount of tokens they placed on the winning number. Prizes can be claimed on the website or from Prizes will not expire - you can claim as and when you wish.