Lucky Limbs

Feeling lucky?
Lucky Limbs is an on-demand game of slots with statistically fair chances of winning NFTs and $MONEY tokens. Users receive the results instantly and prizes are sent to their wallet without needing to claim.
Lucky Limbs costs 3k $MONEY tokens per spin, the user will also need to pay 0.0025BNB, this is to cover the cost of the Chainlink VRF2 call. Users can purchase upto 100 credits at once to save on VRF costs as this can be done with 1 Chainlink call.
After a minute or so of purchasing credits, Chainlink VRF2 returns the results and the user will need to run a second transaction to reveal the results (similar to opening a lootbox) Once the user has run both transactions, they will be able to spin until the credits run out.
The process runs entirely on the blockchain, if the user leaves the page after running both transactions, the prizes will automatically be sent to their wallet, however, they will no longer be able to visually spin via the UI.
The different prizes can be seen on the legend on the bottom of the page. Simply match 3 of the same picture to win a prize. A running tally of the prizes won so far can be seen at the top of the dApp.
Users can toggle the sounds on/off using the switch at the bottom, users are also able to increase or decrease the speed of the animation.
The cost of a spin (3k $MONEY tokens) is equivalent to the average prize won in each spin, in instances where an NFT is won, 25k $MONEY tokens will be added to dividends, this replicates purchasing a lootbox and ensures that the overall supply of $MONEY will not be effected over and above the expected deflation from purchasing lootboxes. Supply will however fluctuate as various users win and lose.