Three Numbers enter, prizes may leave...
Numberdome is a simple game of chance. Choose 3 numbers between 1-5. If all 3 numbers are matched, you win 1.25million money tokens!
Numberdome costs 10k tokens to play and the odds of winning are 1 in 125. This means Numberdome is statically fair and does not affect the overall supply.
You can buy multiple tickets of Numberdome with different numbers in a day to increase your odds of winning. Winners of Numberdome are automatically sent tokens to their wallet. Winners do not need to claim their tokens.
The winning numbers are recorded on the blockchain and are announced across socials and the MoneyTree website.
Click the numbered balls to make up your 3 digit number. Then click the submit button to enter your picked numbers into the draw. If you wish to remove your numbers, click the clear all button.