Versus Mode

Peer to peer decentralized betting.
Unlike the other games, Versus mode does not play daily. It will only play when certain real-world events take place.
Versus mode takes current affairs and sporting events and lets you guess the winner or outcome of the event. The player picks the side that they think will win. Their tokens go into a pot. The winning team takes the loser's pot. The rewards are proportionately distributed according to the individual's stake. You will need to claim your reward from the claim rewards tile.
The game will not be playable for about an hour before the event (whatever it may be.) is due to start. If the result of the game is a tie, both teams can claim a refund from the claim rewards dashboard.
This game does not affect the total supply of the token.
When an event is active there will be a picture of the real-world combatants by team A and team B. Click onto the team button and you'll be prompted to select the number of tokens you wish to place. Once entered click the submit button and you'll have a bid on your team.