NFT Lootbox

Feeling lucky?
Lootboxes are available to purchase from the MoneyTree website for either BNB or $MONEY tokens. Purchasing a lootbox guarantees an NFT to the buyer of rarity Uncommon to Legendary. Common NFTs are excluded from lootboxes.
When you purchase a lootbox , a Chainlink VRF2 is called to guarantee a random and fair result. Below is a table with the lootbox probabilities:
⚪ Common
🟢 Uncommon
🔵 Rare
🟣 Epic
🟠 Legendary
If the lootbox is purchased with $MONEY tokens, 90% of the cost is distributed back to all $MONEY holders via dividends and 10% of the tokens are burned.
If the lootbox is purchased with BNB, 33% of the transaction cost is put into the lottery pot, 33% goes to the weekly $BNB dividends and the remaining 33% is sent to the operational wallet.
what's in the box?!
Purchasing a lootbox requires running two seperate transactions, the first makes a call to Chainlink VRF and costs 0.0025BNB. After a few minutes, once VRF2 has returned a random NFT, you will be asked to mint the NFTs. The gas fee for running the second function will depend on how many NFTs you are minting at once and the current congestion levels of the BSC network.
Note: There is a temporary replacement dApp for iOS users, this temporary dApp replaces the anmation of the lootbox opening and instead directs users to the NFT upgrade dApp to view their new NFTs.