NFT Lottery

Your forest grows deeper.
The NFT lottery runs once a week, all holders of NFTs are automatically entered without needing to do anything.
A random NFT will be selected using Chainlink VRF2. Depending on the rarity of the NFT selected, the winner will automatically be awarded some free lootboxes:
  • Common NFT - 1 lootbox
  • Uncommon NFT - 2 lootboxes
  • Rare NFT - 4 lootboxes
  • Epic NFT - 8 lootboxes
  • Legendary NFT - 16 lootboxes
Players can decide whether to hold more NFTs and increase the odds of winning the NFT lottery, or to hold rarer NFTs so that the NFT lottery prize is larger if they win.
Staked NFTs will remain eligible for the automatic weekly NFT lottery. NFT holders can earn $MONEY token dividends for staking their NFTs and also have the chance to automatically win additional NFTs for free every single week.