NFT Marketplaces

Trade your trees.
MoneyTree comes with a built in NFT marketplace. The marketplace allows users to explore all 1 million MoneyTree NFTs. All common NFTs can be purchased here for 10k $MONEY tokens each.
Some Uncommon, Rare and Epic NFTs can be purchased using $BNB from the marketplace, the rest are reserved for prizes.
Whilst the built in marketplace does not allow reselling your NFTs, MoneyTree has partnered with multiple leading BSC NFT marketplaces to set up official stores. This allows users to trade their NFTs in a secure and decentralised environment.
NFT Stores:
We advise our users to only ever resell and purchase NFTs from the above marketplaces. These services are secure and run 100% on the blockchain.
Making deals with strangers over the internet in private conversations carries huge risk and we would advise against reselling your NFTs in this manner.