NFT Staking

$MONEY really does grow on trees!
NFT holders can choose to stake their NFTs to gain even more $MONEY tokens in weekly dividends.
Staked and unstaked NFTs are both entered in to the weekly NFT lottery.
All processes in the MoneyTree platform run on the basis of statistical fairness, in line with this vision, the rarer the NFT being staked, the more $MONEY tokens it generates.
If it's your first time staking NFTs you will need to run the approve function, after this you will be able to select as many NFTs as you want to stake at once. Note: BSC cannot handle staking more than 125 NFTs in one transaction.
Staked NFTs will become unlocked after one week but will remain staked and continue to generate dividends until they are unstaked.
Cllicking the rarities button will provide you with a summary of your staked and unstaked NFTs by rarity.
When staking your NFTs you will be automatically provided with Staked Money Tree NFT tokens (SMTNFT) The more SMTNFT held, the larger the share of the dividends you can claim.
  • Common NFTs: Equal to 1 SMTNFT
  • Uncommon NFTs: Equal to 2 SMTNFT
  • Rare NFTs: Equal to 4 SMTNFT
  • Epic NFTs: Equal to 8 SMTNFT
  • Legendary NFTs: Equal to 16 SMTNFT
The formula for estimating your dividends can be seen in the "Grow $MONEY" dApp. This figure increases as we approach dividends day, Monday. It is also prone to change as others stake / unstake NFTs.
The formula for estimating your dividends for staking NFTs = Total Dividends / 2 / Total Supply of SMTNFT * Your SMTNFT