The WikiTrees

All about trees
The WikiTrees is a DApp which provides a central hub to explore individual NFTs along with their assets & stats. The WikiTrees allows users to scroll through different backgrounds for the NFTs as well as choosing individual colours. This gives users the flexibility to customise the overall visuals of the NFT.
Users can choose a specific NFT ID and the Web3 connectors will pull all the relevant metadata as well as the image itself, this data is obtained from IPFS. Users can also hit the random button, this pulls the details of a random NFT; this NFT may or may not be owned by another user.
If a user has connected their wallet, upon entering the DApp, a large number of Web3 transactions will be made to pull the users list of owned NFTs (including staked NFTs) this allows users to easily see all of the information of their owned NFTs.
Some users who have a large number of staked and unstaked NFTs may find that it takes some time to load all of their data, please bare in mind that all of the information is stored on the blockchain and is hence slower than traditional servers.