Frequently asked questions.

What Is MoneyTree?

MoneyTree is a fully decentralized DeFi, GameFi & NFT platform. The entire platform is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain as part of the Metaverse. The $MONEY token is deflationary and passively rewards holders with BNB & $MONEY through dividends and NFT revenue sharing. The $MONEY token is also used as the underlying currency in the games. The platform is built on the basis of statistical fairness, there is no house-edge in any games and users retain all of the prizes.

How Do Holders Gain Value?

The MoneyTree platform is designed to reward both holders and players. Every week $MONEY holders can claim dividends in both BNB & $MONEY tokens. Dividends are formed from taxes on buys / sells as well as from the week's NFT sales. Simply hold $MONEY tokens to receive income for free from sharing NFT revenue. The $MONEY token is deflationary and automatically enters all holders in to a weekly lottery which pays in BUSD. The more tokens held, the higher the odds of winning and the larger the dividends. Active players can engage with the statistically fair daily games for a chance to increase the amount of tokens & NFTs they own. New games, functionality and utility are constantly being added to the platform.

What Are The MoneyTree NFTs?

There are 1 million unique MoneyTree NFTs. These can be purchased or won as prizes from the play to earn luck based games. The NFTs are deflationary and can be burned and upgraded to rarer NFTs. There are only 30k legendary NFTs. NFTs can be staked to earn free $MONEY tokens every week in the form of dividends. The rarer the NFTs staked, the more dividends you can claim. Every week holders of the NFTs are entered to a free automatic weekly NFT lottery, for the chance to win more NFTs. The NFTs come with Attack, Health & Magic stats which will be used in future games.

How Are Holders Funds Protected?

MoneyTree had a fair launch on the 16th of October 2021 on PancakeSwap. There was no pre-sale or private investors. MoneyTree launched with 90% of the tokens available to purchase and 10% reserved for the team. The team's wallet has been locked until 2024 with DxSale to guarantee investors safety. 100% of the liquidity in Pancakeswap has had the LP burned to ensure it remains tradeable forever. MoneyTree runs fully on-chain with no external dependencies whatsoever for maximum transparency, with all processes recorded on the blockchain.

How Do I Play The Games?

The website provides a user friendly option for engaging with the MoneyTree games. There are daily games such as Gridlock or Numberdome in which a player makes their selection and the results and prizes are revealed everyday at the same time. Users can connect their wallet to the website to play the games. Alternatively, since everything runs on the blockchain, users can play the games and make their selections directly on the blockchain through BSCScan if they prefer. Weekly events such as the lotteries pay the winners automatically, simply hold to enter and win!

How Do I Claim My Prizes?

Claiming all of your prizes and dividends can be done in the Claim Rewards page on the website. This allows users to claim any $MONEY won in Gridlock as well as any owed lootboxes and dividends. Numberdome and the lottery will pay users automatically. Alternatively, users can claim their prizes directly from the blockchain using BSCScan. Dividends do not need to be claimed every week, these can be left to build up and claimed altogether to save on gas fees. All prizes are permanently recorded on the blockchain and will never expire.

How Do You Ensure The Games Are Fair?

All of our processes run entirely on-chain for maximum visibility and all of the random numbers for our mini games, loot boxes & the lottery are produced by Chainlink VRF2 to guarantee fairness. This ensures that nobody can tamper with the random number and everyone can play in a fair environment. None of our games have any house edge - we don’t take a cut from any of the games and the players keep 100% of the prizes. All official MoneyTree wallets are permanently excluded from dividends and the lottery. Results are announced on the Website, Twitter & Telegram and these can always be verified directly against the blockchain.
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