Welcome To MoneyTree

What Is MoneyTree?

$MONEY is designed to provide passive income for holders as well as the opportunity for active players to win more prizes without needing to stake or lock tokens. The MoneyTree platform hosts a collection of dApps which run 100% on-chain and are built on the basis of statistical fairness, there is no house edge and all results are chosen with Chainlink VRF to guarantee transparency. $MONEY is used as the underlying currency on the platform to interact with the mini-games and purchase NFTs & lootboxes.
Holders of $MONEY can claim weekly $BNB & $MONEY token dividends, the dividends are derived from transaction taxes and shared revenue from lootbox & NFT sales. $MONEY holders are automatically entered in to a free weekly lottery which pays in $BUSD. The more $MONEY held, the better the odds of winning and the larger the dividends. $MONEY is deflationary with tokens being burned whenever NFTs & lootboxes are purchased as well as when games are played.

What Are The MoneyTree NFTs

There are 1 million unique and deflationary MoneyTree NFTs which can be burned and upgraded or staked. Upgrading NFTs permanently burns two Money Tree NFTs and returns a random new Money Tree NFT of a higher rarity. There are only 30k legendary MoneyTree NFTs available. Money Tree NFTs can be planted to "grow" $MONEY tokens through the staking dApp.
All MoneyTree NFTs are automatically entered in to a weekly lottery where the owners have a chance to win more NFTs. Rarer NFTs provide more dividends when staked as well as winning more NFTs in the NFT lottery. All NFTs are stored on IPFS and come with Attack, Health & Magic stats, these will be used in future games.

Where Can I Buy $MONEY?

$MONEY is available for purchasing on a number of exchanges, you can purchase $MONEY using PancakeSwap​
$MONEY has also recently been listed onto Whitebit​

How Is MoneyTree Safe?

Fairness is a core value in the design philosophy of the Money Tree platform. All processes run entirely on-chain with no external APIs or dependencies. This ensures that users can independently verify the integrity of every process. Integration with Chainlink VRF2 provides true randomness on the blockchain.
MoneyTree has been designed to provide value for investors in a safe manner; Players can interact with the dApps through the website or directly on the blockchain. The team's wallet is excluded from all rewards including dividends and the lottery, the team's wallet has also been locked with DxSale until 2024 to provide additional confidence for investors. All liquidity within Pancakeswap has been permanently burned to guarantee indefinite liquidity.

Money Grows On Trees With MoneyTree