The story so far...
In the land of Pecunias, The Forests of Profit were once lush, green, and forever growing, The Money Trees living there were at peace. Great gains were made, and the trees enjoyed the bounties bestowed upon them.
However, something stirred in the Deadwoodsโ€ฆ
A malevolent tree spirit, Fudric Emberbark, so bitter and envious of the great wealth in the Forests of Profit, began a harrowing war with the Money Trees to erode their hard-won gains. Slowly, but surely Fudricโ€™s fear, uncertainty, and doubt infected the Forests of Profit. The Money Trees fled, their hands magically turning into paper as they abandoned their ancestral home. Fudric believed his victory was assured.
Fudric Emberbark
The Money Trees are now scattered throughout Pecunias and need to be found lest they wither and die as Fudric so desperately wants. You must find the Money Trees and restore their hands to hardened bark thereby undoing Fudricโ€™s curse. The Forests of Profit must be saved!
Or you can join with Fudric in the Deadwoods, bring him Money Trees and heโ€™ll make sure youโ€™re handsomely rewarded...


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