Vision & Values

What's the goal?

The Goal

The goal for MoneyTree is to provide a fair & fun platform for holders to gain passive income and players to win prizes. The MoneyTree platform runs entirely on the BSC with no external calls, dependencies or APIs. This means that MoneyTree will run indefinitely on the blockchain, it will never expire and will always be accessible. The UI for MoneyTree dApps currently runs on the website but this can easily be adapted to mobile apps or the long term goal of joining the Metaverse as the decentralised GameFi arcade.

Decentralized Gaming

Recent breakthroughs in Web3 and blockchain have allowed for the rise of GameFi NFTs. This framework allows users to own assets within games and play without a central point of failure. However, most GameFi projects seen in the blockchain rely heavily on centralised servers and processes. Most popular projects store the raw assets for the NFTs on cloud services such as AWS which are prone to fail and go against the nature of blockchain and decentralization.
MoneyTree aims to provide an experience that runs 100% on the blockchain. Players can verify the integrity of every transaction for maximum transparency and with the knowledge that there assets will remain accessible indefinitely and without the ability to be changed by a malicous user.

No House Edge

All of the MoneyTree GameFi dApps run on the basis of statistical fairness. There is no house edge in any of the games, players keep 100% of the prizes and the MoneyTree team never take any of the profits. Games hosted on the MoneyTree platform such as Gridlock, can be thought of as a decentralized casino. One of the major issues seen with traditional casinos is the "house edge," on average, players will always lose money and the house will always win.
Blockchain technology has allowed for MoneyTree to design games of chance with no house-edge. In theory, players can play 1000s of games and will end with the same balance they started with. Tokens won are minted and tokens bet are burned. The supply will overall remain unaffected due to the mathematically fair nature of the games. MoneyTree belives that it has created the future of casinos, platforms that operate independently of a central body where players can be confident that they have a fair chance to win prizes without profits being taken by "the house"

Passive Income

MoneyTree is designed with multiple DeFi processes in place. This includes dividends generated from the buy / sell tax as well as revenue share from all 1 million NFTs sold in the platform. The rise of NFTs has led to a lot of speculation with new investors unsure which NFTs to purchase. All holders of $MONEY and MoneyTree NFTs benefit from the sales of the NFTs and lootboxes in MoneyTree. Everytime a lootbox or NFT is purchased with $MONEY tokens, holders split 90% of the profits, the remaining 10% is burned, the MoneyTree team do not keep any of the profits. This means that holders can benefit from weekly dividends generated from both transaction taxes and the revenue from NFT sales.
Dividends are paid out in both $MONEY tokens and $BNB. Holders also benefit from free automated lotteries which run every week and automatically pay the winners. These processes will run indefinitely. Holders simply need to purchase once and are rewarded with guaranteed weekly dividends as well as the chance to win the lottery every week, for free, forever. Dividends and the lottery odds are based on the amount of tokens held, this provides a statistically fair environment where the smallest holders can win and still claim dividends whilst the larger holders are rewarded more, in proportion with their holdings.


MoneyTree is built to benefit holders:
  • All of the source code is verified and visible on
  • All of the initial liquidity on PancakeSwap has been burned to ensure indefinite liquidity
  • All processes requiring randomness utilize Chainlink VRF2
  • The team wallet has been locked with dxsale untl 2024
  • MoneyTree had a fair launch on Oct-16th 2021 with no pre-sale or private investors