We always deliver everything on our roadmap and more
The long term ambition is for MoneyTree to be the Las Vegas of the Metaverse with 100% on-chain, fair games with absolutely no house-edge.

Pre-Launch - Oct 16th 2021

  • Create the 1 million unique MoneyTree NFTs
  • Upload NFTs with stats to IPFS
  • Intergrate with Chainlink VRF for on-chain randomness
  • Develop the automated, free, weekly BUSD lottery
  • Develop the weekly dividend system for $MONEY holders
  • Develop Gridlock: Roulette with no house-edge
  • Develop Numberdome: Statistically fair lucky dip
  • Deploy dApps with Web3 connectivity to the website
  • Developer wallet locked until 2024 with DxSale
  • Fair launch on PancakeSwap with all LP burned

V1 Updates - Completed

  • Change BUSD weekly lottery to 3 winners
  • AMA in the official Chainlink Telegram
  • Develop a weekly NFT lottery
  • Coinmarketcap diamond rewards collaboration
  • List on a leading CEX: WhiteBIT
  • Setup NFT stores at: NFTrade, Lootex & tofuNFT
  • Update documentation & create a video overview

V2 Updates - Completed

  • Develop NFT staking: claim weekly dividends
  • AMA in the official WhiteBIT Telegram
  • Develop Lucky Limbs: On demand & fair slots
  • Coinmarketcap diamond rewards collaboration x2
  • Develop the BNB weekly dividend system for more rewards
  • Assign 90% of all NFT purchases to dividends, burn 10%
  • Trading competition with WhiteBIT
  • Improve website QoL

V3 Updates - In Progress

  • Coinmarketcap diamond rewards collaboration x3
  • Develop WikiTrees: The hub for NFTs
  • Develop NFT Mass Upgrade: 100 NFTs at once
  • Deploy the new Claim Rewards dApp with more stats
  • Added support for WalletConnect
  • Integrated Chainlink VRF2 reducing fees by 75%
  • Deploy the new MoneyTree homepage
  • First live versus mode event
  • Develop Money Saplings
  • Develop the first free play to earn game using legendary NFTs
  • Intergrate with Chainlink Keepers for full on-chain automation
  • Develop the peer to peer NFT battle game
  • Begin the process for Land of Pecunias

V4 Updates - Planned

  • Cross-chain deployment for $MONEY & NFTs
  • Develop another free play to earn game using legendary NFTs
  • Intergrate with Chainlink CCIP for decentralised cross-chain swaps
  • Develop the increased rewards for $MONEY holders
  • Develop the MoneyTree Metaverse VR/PC/Mobile application
  • Develop the “Decentralized Las Vegas of the Metaverse”
  • List on an additional leading CEX
We are always working on additional functionality, we won't add this to our roadmap's "Planned" section until we're 100% confident that it can be delivered in a fully decentralised manner.