MONEY Overview

It's all about $MONEY!
The $MONEY token is used as the underlying currency when interacting with the MoneyTree platform. The $MONEY token can be used to play the daily GameFi dApps or can be held to receive passive income in the form of dividends.


  • $MONEY launched on October the 16th 2021 on PancakeSwap with all LP burned
  • $MONEY had a fair launch with no pre-sale or private investors
  • The total supply on launch was 1 billion tokens (1,000,000,000)
  • The token is deflationary and burns 10% of all lootbox & NFT purchases
  • The team holds 100m tokens which have been locked with dxsale until 2024


  • PancakeSwap fees: Buys 5% & Sells 10%
  • WhiteBIT fees: Withdrawals 5% & Deposits 10%
MoneyTree works closely with Chainlink to guarantee fairness in all processes.
Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) technology enables smart contracts to access randomness without compromising on security or usability.
The Chainlink VRF generates a random number and cryptographic proof of how the number was determined. The proof of this random number is published on the blockchain before it can be used by any consuming applications.
This process ensures that the results cannot be tampered with or manipulated by anyone, including oracle operators, miners, users, and even the smart contract developers. Each Money Tree game utilizes Chainlink VRF to guarantee fairness and transparency in our luck-based games.
For more information about Chainlink VRF please check out their tutorial site for more details.