Weekly BUSD Lottery

Hold, Earn, Win!
Entering the lottery is fully automated. Simply buy and hold MoneyTree tokens for automatic entry. The lottery prize amount is based from the weekly sale volume in USD + BNB purchases of all NFTs & loot boxes. Every week 3 holders are randomly chosen to win:
  • 1st wins 67%
  • 2nd wins 22%
  • 3rd wins 11%
Chainlink VRF is used to return a completely random number, all on-chain, ensuring fairness and transparency. The number of tokens you hold determines the likelihood of winning. More tokens held means better odds of winning. Even holding a fraction of a token could win, albeit with extremely unlikely odds. All prizes are paid in BUSD and hence the lottery does not affect the token price.
There will be guaranteed winners every week when the lottery runs. The winner will be automatically chosen, and funds automatically paid into their account. The winner will also be able to claim a free loot box from the claim rewards panel. All official wallets are excluded from the lottery.

Advantages Of An On-Chain Lottery

  • Truly random results
  • Instant withdrawals of prizes
  • Full transparency
  • Global access
  • No stealth-tax
  • No operational costs
As MoneyTree grows, so will the size of the lottery jackpot.