Weekly Dividends

Earn passive income with MoneyTree.
The tokenomics of MoneyTree allows for holders to passively earn BNB and $MONEY tokens.
Each week dividends are rewarded to all holders of $MONEY, the dividends are accumulated by the revenue generated from NFTs as well the transaction taxes. The BNB weekly dividends is exclusively for holders of $MONEY tokens, however, NFT holders can also plant their trees for $MONEY dividends, simply stake your NFTs and the user will be eligible to claim weekly $MONEY tokens.
$MONEY token dividends are derived from 5% of the buy tax, 5% withdrawals from WhiteBIT and 10% of the peer-to-peer transfers (including deposits to WhiteBit). The total is then split 50/50 for $MONEY token holders and staked Money Tree NFTs.
For token holders, BNB dividends are accumulated from 1/3rd of the transaction tax and from NFT or loot box purchases in BNB. The more tokens you hold, the more dividends users will receive.
Dividends are stored on the blockchain and never expire, this means you can come back after months or years and claim all your dividends in one transaction to save on gas fees.